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Your Business Partner

Genesis Financial’s goal is to your partner in planning and managing the financial peices of your business.

We are an agency of people who have been on your side of the table. Our experience goes beyond book knowledge and extends to the real world with over 23 years of experience helping a variety of businesses both inside the business and as a consultant.

Whether you need to raise funds, manage cash-flow, or would like to outsource the bookkeeping and payroll portions of the business, Genesis Financial can help.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Business planning for start-ups and established businesses
  • Business reorganization and turnarounds
  • General accounting practices
  • Bookkeeping, payroll and bill pay
  • Classes on how to use Quickbooks
  • Tax preparation for business
  • Cash flow management

Start-up Businesses

There are many financial questions involved with starting a new business. How to project expected income, estimating accurate build-out costs, and where to find financing are just a few.

With over 23 years of experience, Genesis Financial can help guide you through the process of answering the difficult financial questions associated with a new business start-up. Our services include creating detailed financial profiles and projections, providing accurate assessments of financing needs, and helping you to find the efficiencies of scale that exist within your industry.

Non Profit Entities

Our services for non profit entities include:

  • Bookkeeping for non profits
  • Set up and structure of accounting software to enable committee members to efficiently pull tier financial reports
  • Creation of checks and balances in the volunteer reimbursement process and to ensure protection for the non-profit and the board of directors
  • Establishing committee budgeting process
  • Tax Preparation for Individuals

    Genesis Financial is a complete tax preparation and tax planning service for individuals. We offer:

  • Year-round availability for all of your tax preparation and planning questions
  • Individual treatment because your tax situation is not the same as your neighbors
  • Tax planning for individuals to help mitigate tax implications as your life changes