Vice President

jeff_flanagan_bio_photoGlen Flanagan Son of 1940′s and 50′s Featherweight contender and World Boxing Hall of Famer, and nephew of fellow Hall of Fame Welterweight, Del Flanagan, Jeff Flanagan has religiously followed the sport of professional boxing since childhood and is a respected historian specializing in the 1940′s & 50′s era, and is a current member of the International Boxing Research Organization. Jeff is also a voting member of the World Boxing Hall of Fame.
Quote: ”I’ve loved boxing ever since I can remember and always wanted to be involved in one way or another. I use to go to the gym with my dad at a young age along with going to the fights. I boxed for Earl and Bill Kaehn in the Golden Gloves and later in the Navy. After a skiing accident I ripped my knee up pretty good and decided to quit. A few years later I went to California to give it another try when I wrecked my knee again and decided it was enough. I will always be grateful that I did some boxing. It was a great experience and I can appreciate watching a good fight.”